Here are a few videos for your information and enjoyment. Please visit our YouTube page for more!

Here's a cool video of a home in Bay Head, taken from a drone and spotlighting some of our different products with great views of how the look from the outside!

This is a video playlist of our motorization videos. Click on PLAYLIST in the upper left of the video screen to jump to different videos within the playlist.

Here's a video playlist of some of our favorite work, presented regulary as JOB OF THE WEEK:

SPRING SHUTTERS: Here's a video overview of various plantation shutter jobs we've installed over the last few years. While white plantation shutters are easily the most popular of the custom shutters we sell and install (especially at the beach!), they're far from being the only color/style we offer.

In this video, you'll see some great ideas for plantation shutters in nearly every room of your home, including bedrooms and bathrooms, and you'll see some fun examples of specialty shapes, including French doors and sliding glass doors as well as for uniquely shaped windows!