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May 12, 2016

Should I Put Motorized Window Shades in My Dining Room?

It's a fair question: should you put motorized window treatments (shades, blinds, curtains, etc.) in your dining room?

While everyone's tastes and budgets will be different, we'd like to offer a resounding "Yes!" as the answer to that question. Not only can they bring an extra touch of style to an already elegant area, but they can also add personality to smaller, more intimate dining spaces.

But there's more than just their visual appeal: convenience is a big factor in people choosing motorization, and not because they're lazy. Windows in hard-to-reach spots such as corners and heights can have their shades easily raised or lowered without the risk of injury or furnishings damage from standing on chairs or reaching over things.

Safety is another benefit, especially if you live in a home with children or pets. Motorized window shades and blinds are cordless, thus eliminating any of the threats posed to the little ones in your home.

Motorized window treatments are also energy-smart! They can easily be programmed to automatically rise and lower at specific times of the day, allowing you to keep your dining room from getting too hot or cold (depending on the season), thus keeping your bills and energy consumption down even when you're not around. As a bonus, this can protect any fabrics, photos, and art you may have from sun damage as well.

Now that motorized shades are becoming more affordable, they are definitely worth considering for your dining room, or any room in your home for that matter! 

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Sep 28, 2012

Drapery and Fabric Options

When I think of drapery I think of old homes with “no touch rooms”.  Having worked in a window treatment store for the past few months, my thoughts are totally changing. We just received the most beautiful fabrics from our new drapery company, Kasmir, that can be turned not only into window treatments- but into pillows, cushions, headboards and more!  You can dress up your current window treatments with any of the window treatment items we carry to add some personality to your rooms.  Even just an addition of a few throw pillows can transform any room!  Custom headboards become the focal point to any bedroom, and it’ll become the talk amongst all of your friends.  Want to get ahead of the game? Stop in or call us today to schedule an appointment.  The possibilities are endless!  Check out a selection of our fabrics on our Drapery and Fabric Options page!

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