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Oct 17, 2017

Replacing Your Window Treatments

Let's face it: nothing lasts forever, even your favorite window shades. Replacing your window treatments can be a great and simple way to add some change to the decor of your home, giving you a brand new feel and look, and at a fraction of the cost of remodeling!

From Woven Woods to Roller Shades

In the photo below, you'll see something slightly different in our before & after pictures: usually we show the bare window in our before shot, but this time we're showing you the previous window coverings, which were woven wood shades, to give you an idea of the new look attained by replacing the shades.

The owners of this waterfront house in Brielle, NJ made a great choice in replacing their aging wovens with sheer roller shades, which give a much cleaner and stylish look, as well as providing better view-through out to the water. The ambient lighting is softer too, making for a whole new feel in the room!

Plus, roller shades are a great candidate for automation, so just think of the possibilities these shades coupled with motorization can add to your own home!

Woven wood shades (left) replaced by sheer roller shades (right).

ASAP Blinds is the leader and expert when it comes to designing and installing traditional and automatic/motorized window treatments in your home. We serve homes up and down the Jersey Shore and throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Give us a call today at (732) 223-6662 to find out why!

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