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Jun 21, 2017

The Versatile Plantation Shutter

Sometimes plantation shutters are used in unexpected ways!

White Plantation Shutters Inside the Home

We had to share this before and after photo of a classic and clever use for interior plantation shutters. 

Fuse boxes are never the most attractive thing in the house, hence they're often tucked away in some remote area away from all the action. In this case, the fuse box was on a stairway leading to the basement, so we found a great - if not stylish - way to cover it up!

White plantation shutter covering fuse box.

What are the advantages of Plantation Shutters?

Plantations shutters are a great looking window covering, and offer a variety of ways to control the light in your home: the louvers can be tilted to different degrees to let the sun in or keep it out, and the whole shutter panel can be opened for a wide view outside or closed for the utmost in privacy. 

They're also long-lasting, require little maintenance, and in some cases may even increase the value of your home. They look great in any room, as well as looking great from outside your home.

Besides all of this, they can even look great as a wall covering for unsightly fuse boxes and such!

Where to Buy Plantation Shutters

At ASAP Blinds, we offer a great-looking selection of plantation shutters from some of the most respected brands in the business, and we custom measure & install on each window for the perfect fit and look. Call us at (732) 223-6662 with any questions you have, and to find out about the many options you have for blinds, shades and shutters in your home!

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